LinkTrack – Privacy policy

1. The app collects anonymous data using Google analytics platform. The data is saved and used anonymously to help with future app improvements.

2. The app is sponsored using ads. Ads are displayed from 3rd party sources and may use the device geographic location for targeting.

3. The app saves the user credentials in its databases in Hashed mode.  all links and clicks statistics generated by the user and also saved for the purpose of displaying it to the user when asked and basic functionality provided by the app.

4. None of the saved data by the app is being shared.

5. Credentials being saved by the app is limited to email and hashed password. no personal information like names, addresses, phone numbers, etc… is saved nor requested in the signup process.


Colouring pages Android app – Privacy policy

1. The app collects anonymous data using Google analytics platform. The data is saved and used anonymously to help in future app improvements.

2. The app is sponsored using ads. Ads are displayed from 3rd party sources and may use the device geographic location for targeting.

3. The app does not have a proprietary server side. Network communication is done only to serve section (1) and (2) and to 3rd party companies.

4. The app developer is not responsible in any way for the data collected by section (1) and (2) service providers.

Goodbye Feeder

After spending a lot of time developing and promoting Feeder – It’s time to say goodbye.

Despite the many development and promoting hours invested in Feeder, I could not get enough people to use it. At least, not enough to pay the rent on Feeder’s server side infrastructure. Therefor, I have removed the app from the play store and closed down the servers.

There are approximately 600 weekly active users in Feeder. If you are one of them – I am Sorry.

Active users can go ahead and uninstall the app. It will not work anymore (no servers alive). Thank you for your support and interest in the app. Hope you enjoyed it while it last.

MyAlbum For Facebook app – Privacy Policy

This policy goes to both MyAlbum for Facebook (“The app”) editions – free and paid;

1. The app has no server side and is not saving any user personal data nor login credentials.

2. The app Login process to Facebook is done via Facebook’s official SDK.

3. There is no middle-man/middle-server between the app and Facebook’s servers (assuming Facebook is not using any in it’s official SDK).

4. Photos downloaded from the app will be saved on the device sdcard and there alone.

Upcoming MyAlbum Update

Finally, it’s close. The new MyAlbum version will be ready in the next couple of days. Currently under massive (!) testing on various devices.
New Holo design, stability, unlimited background operations and (drums…) – Groups upload support.

Planning on staged rollout as soon as v3.0 will pass testing.

Stay tuned!

Feeder malfunction

At the 7/12/2013 Feeder has encountered a database malfunction and some of the users may have lost their subscriptions. If you login the app and see there are no subscriptions for the account you have been effected and should re-subscribe to your feeds.
I am really sorry about the issue and taking the necessary steps to ensure it wont happen again.

[NEW APP] Feeder is OUT!!!

Hi all,


Feeder, the news reader I’ve been working on for the past few months is finally out to the Play store.

Feeder is a smart news reader. You can search and subscribe to virtually any site/feed on the web and get an aggregated feed of all the sites you like to follow.

With Feeder you can read all the content you are subscribed to, filter it by sites and/or by subject and get push notifications when new articles publish. Notifications can be set per feed and/or per subject (!). All of these features in a nice, clean and easy to use interface.

Download your copy NOW – I promise you’ll like your new reading experience 🙂

Play store link.

As usual, Feedback are welcome (good and bad:))

[NEW APP] Feeder is out for Beta testing

152 x152

After a long time of coding and testing – Feeder is out for beta testing!

Feeder is a RSS Reader on steroids! It lets you subscribe to your favorite news sites/blogs. Choose sites/topics that you want to get notification upon update. Browse articles by topic or by site, and many more features to come. All of which – in a nice beautiful and fast user experience.

The app is currently available only in Beta download using the Play store. In order to join the Beta stage you most join the Beta testers community on G+. After you do that, you use this link to opt-in as a tester and then you can download the app from it’s Play store page. In the near future (I hope), when the app will be ‘baked’ to leave the beta stage and release to the general public users the beta program will continue and will get many updates and features for testing long before they get to all users.

As for beta version, you can expect bugs, crashes and all sorts of nice (?!) issues. This is what the beta is for. When you encounter a bug, please report back using the community page/In-app feedback/email or using any other media you can thing of.

Instant Video is out (QuickVideo remake)

Instant Video is out to the Play store.

Instant Video is a remake of the app QuickVideo that was previously released. It is basically the same app with a lot of under the hood improvements.


1. Faster load time – Recording now start a bit faster.

2. Silenced the “beep” sound of the camera shutter that was sneaking into the video in some devices.

3. Added support for more devices. Including tablets.

4. Improved video quality.

5. Improved user interface.

6. A lot of bug fixes.

7. It’s a paid app. Expect better support and response times 🙂

Interested? Grab it here.

As always, suggestions, problems, feedback and such are always welcome.

MyAlbum Pro is out

Finished developing the MyAlbum for Facebook Pro version and it’s now live and kicking at the Google Play store.

Two differences between the Pro and Free version:

1. The Pro version has no ads in it

2. Using the pro version, the ability to tag your friends in the photos you upload is enabled.

So if you are interested in tagging your photos and/or removing the ads and/or just want to support my work, go ahead and grab the Pro (You’ll like it :))

Market Link

Love to hear some comments about the tagging feature. The bad ones too… (although I hope there are none :))