Facebook album sync – Now Ads free.

After releasing the paid version to be a free one, on to the next change… The app is now totally free of cost and free of ads! Just like we like it.

3 thoughts on “Facebook album sync – Now Ads free.

  1. Hi Mate,

    I’ve tried to run the latest version of Facebook Album Sync (Just discovered it!) and I can log in, and my list of albums shows up but when i check the boxes and and press download it says “Calculating..” for a few moments before saying “Gallery Updated” but it doesn’t actually download anything.

    I’m running a Samsung Galaxy S i9000 on Android 2.3.3, any suggestions?

    Cheers man, hope I can get this to work 🙂

    • Oh also, your market description says ‘please email me’ but neither your website or the description includes your email address lol.

    • Please send me an email with the steps you take and what you see on screen so I can be more helpful. The email address i refer to in the description is the email you can send using the app market page. Scroll to the button and there you got a button saying, mail to the developer.

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