About me


My name is Idan Yael and I’m a software developer for almost 2 decades. In that time, I’ve read, learned, and experienced a lot of stacks. My in-depth tech experience can be found in my LinkedIn profile.

I started my software education in the Microsoft world with VB, VBA, evolving to ASP.NET, and then to C#. Working with MSSQL and Access (wow, that was a long time ago!). Most of my day jobs were around the Fintech industry, developing retail and algo trading systems.

When I felt it’s time to move on to other industries, I targeted mobile. Developed Android apps for some time, some of them for my self, some commissioned. Also left my Fintech day job and joined a mobile-focused startup.

Nowadays, I’m working on the Internet industry, for a relatively big Internet company (not mobile) in an Infrastructure team. Focusing on backend development. Most of my development today is done with Python, Go, and some Java. But after such a long time and so many languages used, I’m not limiting myself to any stack and just trying to use the best stack for the mission ahead.

I’ve always had this blog running just as a place to publish all of my independent apps Privacy policies (which are mandatory on most platforms) and updates, but as time goes by, I see there are a lot of challenges I encounter and solve which I hope can benefit the community. This is why I decided to try to write and share some of these experiences here.

English is not my first language so I also hope to polish my English skills while sharing my ideas and experience.

Hope you’ll enjoy and learn from this blog. Thanks for coming 🙂