Facebook album sync – Now Ads free.

After releasing the paid version to be a free one, on to the next change… The app is now totally free of cost and free of ads! Just like we like it.

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Hi Mate,

I’ve tried to run the latest version of Facebook Album Sync (Just discovered it!) and I can log in, and my list of albums shows up but when i check the boxes and and press download it says “Calculating..” for a few moments before saying “Gallery Updated” but it doesn’t actually download anything.

I’m running a Samsung Galaxy S i9000 on Android 2.3.3, any suggestions?

Cheers man, hope I can get this to work 🙂

Oh also, your market description says ‘please email me’ but neither your website or the description includes your email address lol.

Please send me an email with the steps you take and what you see on screen so I can be more helpful. The email address i refer to in the description is the email you can send using the app market page. Scroll to the button and there you got a button saying, mail to the developer.

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