Israel News is out!

Israel news

New app was released today – Israel News. This app is for the Israeli and Hebrew reading audience. Displaying news from all major Israeli news sites in one easy to use and fast screen. Stay up-to-date with the day to day issues on the go.

As with new apps this one also can also be treated as beta version while I’m working on some new features and bug fixes. If you encounter any problem with the app please email me and I’ll try to fix is ASAP.

I am always looking for new ideas and requests from users to make my app’s better, so feel free to send me your feedbacks and requests.

Some screenshots:

Israel news screenshot 1Israel news screenshot 2Israel news screenshot 3

8 replies on “Israel News is out!”

עתון מעריב לא מתעדכן בכלל התאריך הוא מה12 לחודש אפריל

יוסי, האפליקציה מושכת את הנתונים ישירות מהאתר. הרבה מהקטגוריות לא מתעדכנות כל יום.
תודה על הדיווח.

It would be very usefull to view the actual headlines without the need to browse the source e.g globes, then the category and only then viewing the headlines.

Thank you for the feedback hanan.
Have you got any idea how to accomplish that? Any suggestions on what would you like to see on the screen?

Israeli news is nice app.however,it has some flaws such as when I press the headline i don’t stay in the app window but move to the browser that has less pretty and convenient way to read the article.moreover,in many articles I cannot press back from the browser in order to get back to the main app window or the app window we were before we moved to through browser.I am really disappointed that all the articles are not included in the app so they can be presented more quickly and more intuitively and there is no problem to go back and forward easily …please improve that in once…

Hi ari,
The app has to send you to the browser to read the app because the news sites showing in the app does not support displaying the articles in any other way. You have to remember this is not a dedicated app by the news site and there is no back stage access to the data. There are some sites in the list that has a mobile version of their site and it’s easier to read their articles. Trying to get rid of all the ads and cut out only the article text for displaying in the app will be harmful for the sites (I wouldn’t want someone doing it to me if I had such a news site).

Dear Sir how do I add an additional nespaper
תודה רבה על התשיובה
בברכה ושנה טובה

העיתונים והמדורים קבועים מראש באפליקציה ולא ניתנים לשינוי. אתה יכול לשלוח הצעות במייל ואני אשתדל להוסיף לאפליקציה.

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