MyAlbum released to the Android Market

My Latest app was release to the market today. With MyAlbum you can download your Facebook albums to your Android device in seconds. It is based on the Facebook album sync app engine (This time the name is not containing the word Facebook and hopefully will not get banned).

Added to the engine is the ability to batch upload pictures to Facebook. As the official Facebook app lets you upload one picture at a time, with MyAlbum you can upload as many as you want in a single easy upload procedure. Just open your image gallery and choose the pictures you want to upload, press share and choose MyAlbum app.

Downloading albums is the same as it was in Facebook album sync. Just choose the albums you want to download and get them !

All features are open (even downloading tagged pictures of you). Free app and no ads. Responses and feedback are always welcomed, email me or leave a comment.



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When you long press a photo and choose the share option the menu should contain an option to use MyAlbum as your sharer.
If you do not have this option you can try and reinstall.
Be aware that only when sharing images the MyAlbum option will be there.
If the problem continues please email me.

I’ve got the same problem with sharing photos using HTC desire. If I long press a photo and choose share, MyAlbum isn’t there as an option. If I do it the other way around, by pressing the share icon first it’s not there either. I’ve tried rebooting, too. Other than that, this app rocks. 🙂

You mention that your app can upload/download as many pics at a time as you want. However, I only see album downloads from fb. How do you upload one photo to fb?

Just open the photo using the gallery and use the “share” option. Touching the share button will open a list of apps you can use to share the photo with, choose MyAlbum.

im using SE W8 with android 2.1 and the application sees the number of albums that i have in facebook but when i started pictures where to fix this?

MyAlbum has two versions. One is free with ads and the other is not free but has no ads in it. Both versions can be downloaded from the Play store.

I can updoad pics to a certain FB album but they are only shown when I use the personal computer to CONFIRM adding the pics.. “these pics were sent from an app and need to be confirmed”. on the android phone I cannot do that… Samsung Galaxy S

This is due to the new Facebook privacy policy. The app can not confirm it’s own uploads (cuz then whats the point?). Try to change these settings in your Facebook account privacy settings page.

on FB (computer and phone) I was not able to change any settings. Now I restarted the app on the phone and it asked me again if I would accept that the app posts in my name etc. I previously said no to all (cause I do not like apps to post things without that I know about it.. like Farmtown..). Now it works perfectly. thanks!!

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