Out of ideas at the moment

It’s been a while since quick video was published and I can’t seem to find any good idea for my next app. Thought about some but nothing was interesting enough to get me back in business. Most of my ideas involved Facebook communication and tools, but after the Facebook album sync app experience I avoid writing anything remotely connected to Facebook. Hoping my brain will get some good ideas soon.

In the meantime, if you got some features you are missing while using your phone, if something is not working well and needs a replacement, you are more then welcome to suggest them. Email me or post a comment below and maybe we can bring something helpful to the Android community.

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Hi Idan,
I am working at the moment on a new web site and I would like to make an Android app for it too… get in touch with me

israel. news app is not working as it should. be.many links are broken and cannot be opened by the browser ….please fix it at once….

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