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As I said in my last post, the new app I’ve been working on is out on the market and called: QuickVideo.

The motivation for writing this app came after many video capturing moments passed by me and left undocumented due to the time it took me to reach to my camera. After so many missed  moments I have decided to write a little app that will help me get in “recording mode” very fast and easy. The idea was an app that will sit on my home screen and be accessible, fast and reliable.

QuickVideo is a small app to install and have a link to on the home screen. A second (or less) from the moment of touching it’s icon, your android will start recording a video of whatever in front of it. To stop the video recoding, simply touch the screen – The most important mission accomplished and the video is now saved and secured on the phone SD card. After stopping the recording an options screen will pop out giving the ability to: play the video, rename it, delete it, share it or just go ahead and exit (until the next QuickVideo).

This is really a small and easy app that helped me fill a little gap in the media sector of my Android. I am always looking for ways to improve my apps, if you got some ideas/requests you are welcome to leave a comment or email me.


Some screenshots:

Page on the market here


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Congrats! Great simple app, I prefer it to the stock camera I have on my moto defy. Perfect quality, Can you add settings menu to it? like resolution changings (848×480 would be fine to me)

Hi, your app sounds good.

Is this a quick-in to the standard phones’ recorder? So with my SE xperia, the Bravia engine will still be utilised?

does opening the video camara using your app capture video in a specific format / size? I want o record in HD, does your app do this?


recording is done using the highest quality capable by your phone.
“quick-in to the standard phones’ recorder” ? Did not understand what you meant, please email me if you have any more question.

Hi there!
I am searching for a video app that supports to change to folder for the video.
I am using a Galaxy S (Captivate), which has an “sdcard” folder, containing the 16gb internal memory.
If I want to store on the sd card I would have to store it on “/sdcard/sd-ext/ …”
could you implement such a function/option?

I’d very much like to try QuickVideo but Android Market says it’s incompatible with my device. This notice has never been shown to be correct. I have Android 2.2.2. Is there a direct download link available so that I could see for myself if it works or not? Many thanks, Mike

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