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To tell the truth, when I first wrote MyAlbum for Facebook I did it for myself. I needed a way to Upload/Download blocks of photos to and from Facebook and the official Facebook app just wasn’t enough. It was also the time when I first started developing for the Android platform, so one thing lead to another and MyAlbum was born.

By now I realize I wasnt the only one with these needs. As for the time I am writing this post, MyAlbum was downloaded 146,804 times and collected 2106 Market reviews with an average score of 4.4 stars (out of 5). Number one app in the Android market for Uploading/Downloading Facebook photos.

And here are some statistics on how users use the app in 2012:

1. Users uploaded and shared 727,078 photos.

2. The 727,078 photos shared awarded of an average of 30 feedback each (comments and likes per photo).

3. Each day there are an average of 1,100 comments and 7,700 likes for photos shared by MyAlbum.

4. Users has generated a total of 2,863,336 API calls to Facebook servers.

5. Each day, an average of 1080 new users install MyAlbum on their Android device.

Looks nice ah ?? 🙂

It’s nice to know the app helps so many users in their daily social sharing activities ! As always, you are welcome to mail me with any suggestions, comments and ideas.

Have a great sharing.

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I have installed MyAlbum on my Asus Android tablet. When I use it, it says the photo has uploaded successfully, but it’s not there when I check in Facebook. What am I doing wrong?

Due to Facebook permission changes, 3rd party apps can’t upload images to any album they wish.
Because of that, many people experienced difficulties uploading photos to existing albums.
The issue is fixed and now the app will show only available upload albums in the upload screen.

Please upgrade your app version to the latest (v2.75).

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