Work started on a new app

So after resting a bit from the android development due to insufficient brain juice, i am back and running on a new app.

As all of my apps, this one also comes out of my necessity of features using my phone. We all have situations in life that we think “ohhh that’s funny” or “I have to video tape that!”. When that happens, most of the time we either take the phone out and ask the people we are with to do the same thing again (which never duplicate the first time) or we just giving up the situation and staying without the video of it.

In my next one I’ll be trying to fix this issue by writing a small app that will get us filming as soon as we (and the phone) can. Getting the shortest way from the point reaching in to our pockets and getting the phone out to the point when we are already taping. As it sounds, it wont be a sophisticated app nor it will have a lot of options and user interface, but I hope it will help us getting more situations in life recorded and shared.

Stay tuned.

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